HERPA305556R1/87 Scale
Volvo FH Gl XL 6x2 Rigid in Red

High Quality Plastic

FIRST GEAR50-33731/50 Scale
Volvo VNL 760 with Sleeper in Smoky Mountain Blue Metallic - Cab Only
Diecast Metal
Opening Hood with...
FIRST GEAR80-03261/87 Scale
Volvo VNL 760 with Sleeper in Cherry Bomb Red Metallic with 53' Dry Van Trailer
Diecast Metal cab with plastic...
HERPA3072151/87 Scale
Volvo FH FL 6x2 with Dump Trailer

All or Mostly Plastic

FIRST GEAR80-03191/87 Scale
Volvo VNR 300 Day Cab in Sable Black Metallic with Chrome Food Grade Tanker
Diecast Metal
Detailed Cab...
FIRST GEAR50-33631/50 Scale
Volvo VNR 300 Day Cab in Sable Black Metallic
Diecast Metal
Opening Hood with Authentic Engine Detail...
WSI04-11811/50 Scale
4-6 Weeks Arrival
Volvo FH4 Sleeper Cab with 2-Axle Tipping Trailer
WIKING0515011/87 Scale
Bolling - 1965 Volvo F88 Flatbed with Concrete Pipe
WSI01-19941/50 Scale
4-6 Weeks Arrival
Wiesbauer - Volvo FH4 GL Tractor with 3-Axle Flatbed Trailer
HERPA3062011/87 Scale
Vaex - Volvo FH GI XL Tractor with 3-Axle Livestock Trailer
MOTORART3000731/87 Scale
Volvo FH16 Truck and Trailer in Grey and Black

A detailed scale model of the Volvo FH 16 Truck Model in HO scale....

HERPA3057921/87 Scale
Oct - Nov Arrival
Volvo FH GL 6x2 in White - Cab Only

high quality plastic

HERPA304047R1/87 Scale
Volvo FH 16 GL Tractor in Red - Cab Only
WSI01-1782D1/50 Scale
Gentenaar Transport - Volvo FH4 GL XL with a 3-Axle Swap Body Tanker Trailer
WSI03-11441/50 Scale
Sept - Oct Arrival
Volvo FM GL - Cab Only - WSI White Line
WSI01-16141/50 Scale
Bolk Transport - Volvo FH GL Rigid with a Palfinger Crane on a Jumbo Trailer
MOTORART3000631/50 Scale
Volvo DR 631 "Gravel Charlie" Articulated Hauler
Rotating Wheels
Realistic Hydraulic Movable Dump Bed...
CARARAMA185-0041/87 Scale
Volvo FH12 with Lowboy and Volvo L180C Timber Grapple
Cab is diecast and plastic
Trailer is plastic and...
CARARAMA561-0011/50 Scale
Volvo L180C Log Grapple
Made of diecast metal and plastic
Articulated steering
CARARAMA810-0021/87 Scale
Volvo A40D Articulated Hauler
Made of diecast metal and plastic
Articulated steering
MOTORART3000651/50 Scale
Volvo L90H Wheel Loader
Operating boom and bucket
Articulated front steering system
MOTORART3000661/50 Scale
Volvo EC220E Excavator
Features Include:
Features of the model:
Rotating body
MOTORART3000441/50 Scale
Volvo G690C Motor Grader
Features Include:
Functional hydraulic cylinders
Steerable front...
WSI03-11361/50 Scale
Volvo FH GL 4x2 - Cab Only - WSI White Line