CORGIAA365101/72 Scale
Hawker Typhoon IV 'Pulverizer', 440 Sqn, RCAF "City of Ottawa"
CORGIAA272031/72 Scale
Avro Vulcan B.2, XM607, RAF No.44 Sqn, ‘Operation Black Buck’, Falklands, 1982

As the final RAF Avro Vulcan...

CORGIAA367111/72 Scale
Junkers Ju 88A-5, 1./Kgr 806, August 1940
CORGIAA348111/72 Scale
Vickers Wellington R1162 / AA-Y, ‘Y for Yorker’, RAF Feltwell, Norfolk, 1941
CORGIAA398071/72 Scale
Panavia Tornado F.3 ZG797/D ‘Desperation’ RAF No.29 Squadron, Falklands Defense
CORGIAA277021/72 Scale
North American Mustang F51-D, 'Was that too fast?', 18th Fighter Bomber Group USAF, South Korea 1951

At the start...

CORGIAA376091/72 Scale
Westland Wessex HCC.Mk.IV Helicopter - RAF Queen's Flight, XV733, RAF Hendon, England, 2015

The Westland Wessex...

CORGIAA270051/72 Scale
Feb - Mar Arrival
Westland Puma HC.1 Helicopter 72 Squadron, Aldergrove 1997

This model features:
- Rotorspan approximately...

CORGIAA336171/72 Scale
Jan - Feb Arrival
Panavia Tornado GR4 ZA461 15XV R Squadron Centenary Scheme 2015

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