AIR FORCE 10088C1/72 Scale
Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
61-7962 "RIP Detachment 1

Features Include:
Heavy-Duty Diecast Body...

Johnny Lightning Military "The Greatest Generation" 2018 Release 2B - 12-Piece Case
WAR MASTERS72005131/72 Scale
AMX 13-75 Tank - France, 1967
HOBBY MASTERHG56021/72 Scale
M60A1 Patton Tank - Isreali Defense Force, Sinai, October 1973
HERPA7458711/87 Scale
NVA - IFA L 60 Box Truck

High Quality Plastic

WGWWW121011/72 Scale
Breguet 14 A.2 - Captain James A. Summersett Jr., 96th Aero Squadron, 1918
HERPA7459871/87 Scale
Sept - Oct Arrival
Heavy Tiger Tank Vers. H1 - Russia (number 111)

High Quality Plastic

WAR MASTERS72005051/72 Scale
AMX Char Leclerc T5 Main Battle Tank - "Operation Trident," KFOR - Kosovo, 1999

The Kosovo Force (KFOR) is a...

HOBBY MASTERHG70221/72 Scale
ISU-152 Tank Destroyer - Polish People's Army (LWP), 13th Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment, Warsaw,...
HERPA7459011/87 Scale
Werkstattpanzer T-54 Tank with Tarped Load

High Quality Plastic

FORCES OF VALORFV-861003A1/700 Scale
U.S.S. Missouri Battleship - BB-63
HERPA7458881/87 Scale
NVA - T-34/85 Main Battle Tank

High Quality Plastic

AVIATION 72540011/72 Scale
2-4 Weeks Arrival
Gloster Javelin FAW 4 - "XA634" (EX-LEEMING) Jet Age Museum
FORCES OF VALORFV-861007A1/700 Scale
U.S.S. Enterprise Aircraft Carrier - CVN-65
AIR FORCE 101511/48 Scale
UH-1 Huey - B Troop, 2nd Sqdn., 17th Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division Sp4 Joseph G. LaPointe - June 2,...
HERPA7459941/87 Scale
Military Vehicle Depot - Construction Kit

high quality plastic

HERPA7457031/87 Scale
Red Cross - Magirus Maultier Half-Track with 2 Stretchers - All or Mostly Plastic
HERPA7457721/87 Scale
6-8 Weeks Arrival
Opel Blitz Medical Truck - German Army
- High Quality Plastic
AVIATION 72270071/72 Scale
Short Tucano T1 - RAF Trainer ZF317, 2009 Display Season
HERPA7458021/87 Scale
Building Set - 3-Stall Repair Facility

- All or Mostly Plastic

WAR MASTERS72005031/72 Scale
M26 Pershing Tank - Korea, 1951
AVIATION 72270051/72 Scale
Short Tucano T1 - RAF Trainer ZF378
HERPA7454751/87 Scale
2-3 Weeks Arrival
Ford Koeln - German Army
HOBBY MASTERHG70081/72 Scale