NZG10041/50 Scale
Klemm KR 806-3GS Drill Rig

• Moveable drill carriage
• Sliding sled
• Pivoting...

NZG10081/32 Scale
Oct - Nov Arrival
Genie GS-1330 Scissor Lift

• Steerable front axle
• Funtional scissor lift

NZG10101/50 Scale
Liebherr PR 736 G8 Crawler Dozer with Ripper

• New design
• Adjustable blade

NZG959-111/50 Scale
Wiesbauer - Liebherr LTM 1250-5.1 Mobile Crane

* Limited Edition of 150 pcs

NZG989-101/18 Scale
Mercedes-Benz Actros 2018 GigaSpace 4x2 MirrorCam in Red with LOHR Autotransporter Trailer
NZG989-621/18 Scale
Mercedes-Benz Actros 2018 GigaSpace 4x2 MirrorCam in Broomyellow with LOHR Autotransporter Trailer
NZG9991/50 Scale
Komatsu PC1250 Tracked Excavator
NZG99911/50 Scale
Komatsu PC1250-11 Tracked Excavator with Demolition Equipment

• Includes Ripper Tooth
• Protective Guard on...

NZG99921/50 Scale
NZG9951/32 Scale
Oct - Nov Arrival
Genie GS 4390 RT Scissor Lift
• Steerable front axle
• Tiltable front axle
• Movable support feet...
NZG981-201/87 Scale
Cobus 3000 Airport Bus in Blue
NZG93331/50 Scale
Komatsu PC 4000-11 Left Track Frame
NZG93341/50 Scale
Komatsu PC 4000-11 Right Track Frame
NZG94311/50 Scale
Liebherr A 918 Compact V Wheeled Excavator
NZG88611/50 Scale
Liebherr L 506 Compact Wheel Loader - Updated Design
NZG10061/50 Scale
Liebherr L 586 Wheel Loader - Updated Design
NZG1000-021/50 Scale
Leonard Weiss - Liebherr A910 Compact Litronic Wheeled Excavator
NZG843-071/50 Scale
Thömen - Liebherr LR 1600-2 Crawler Crane with Derrick

• Includes 3 hooks
• High-detailed counterweight...

NZG9331/50 Scale
Komatsu PC4000 Mining Front Shovel
NZG9341/25 Scale
Jungheinrich ETR340 Reach Truck
• Steerable wheels
• Telescopic boom
• Moveable carriage
NZG920-201/50 Scale
Mercedes Benz 8x4 Platform Truck with Crane in Blue
NZG844-071/50 Scale
Mercedes-Benz Actros FH25 GigaSpace 4x2 Cab Only in Yellow
NZG844-081/50 Scale
HT - Mercedes-Benz Actros FH25 GigaSpace 4x2 Cab Only - Includes Acrylic Display Case
NZG8451-021/50 Scale
Dachser - Mercedes-Benz Actros FH25 BigSpace 6x2 Container Swapbody with Roller Shutter