PROMOTEX0065921/87 Scale
Kenworth K100 with Lowboy Trailer in Black and Caterpillar Wheel Loader
DIECAST MASTERS852521/50 Scale
Caterpillar D11T Track-Type Tractor Dozer - Matte Silver Plated

Commemorative Series
• detailed cab interior ...

Caterpillar CG260-16 Gas Generator
Features Include:
• Diecast metal construction with a few plastic...
DIECAST MASTERS856141/64 Scale
Caterpillar 385C L Hydraulic Track Excavator
DIECAST MASTERS856161/64 Scale
Caterpillar 775E Off-Highway Truck
DIECAST MASTERS852341/50 Scale
Caterpillar 420F2 IT Backhoe Loader - 30th Anniversary Edition with Special Black Finish

High Line Series:

DIECAST MASTERS852511/125 Scale
Caterpillar 797F Mining Truck with Copper Finish - Elite Series

Elite Series Packaging:

DIECAST MASTERS855621/50 Scale
Caterpillar 769 and Caterpillar 770 Off Highway Truck

Evolution Series
• includes detailed 84-page booklet...

DIECAST MASTERS856171/64 Scale
Caterpillar 988H Wheel Loader
DIECAST MASTERS856121/87 Scale
Caterpillar M323F Railroad Wheeled Excavator - High Line Series
Includes 3 accessories: Ballast Tamper, Rail...
Caterpillar D6K XL Track-Type Dozer - Core Classics Series

• detailed cab interior, including operator

Caterpillar 272D2 Skid Steer with Implements - Manufactured by DM for ERTL

Features include:
• diecast metal...

Caterpillar 297D2 Multi-Terrain Loader - Manufactured by DM for ERTL

Features include:
• diecast metal and...

DIECAST MASTERS855971/50 Scale
Caterpillar 301.7 CR Next Generation Mini Hydraulic Excavator with Work Tools - High Line Series

• Next...

DIECAST MASTERS855121/87 Scale
Caterpillar CT681 Concrete Mixer
DIECAST MASTERS855141/87 Scale
Caterpillar CT681 Dump Truck
TONKIN800011/50 Scale
Caterpillar 621K Wheeled Scraper
• Fully operational bowl
• Operating hitch section
• Rubber tires...
NORSCOT552601/50 Scale
Caterpillar AP600D Asphalt Paver with Canopy
NORSCOT552691/32 Scale
Caterpillar 247B3 Multi Terrain Track Loader
Features includes authentic cab detail and tread design, articulated...
NORSCOT550971/50 Scale
Caterpillar 623G Elevating Scraper
This detailed model features articulated/oscillated steering, a moveable...
NORSCOT552101/50 Scale
Caterpillar 572C Pipelayer with Metal Tracks
NORSCOT552321/50 Scale
Caterpillar 966A Traxcavator
• Heavy die-cast metal construction
• Authentic detailing on exterior and...
DIECAST MASTERS859501/87 Scale
Caterpillar 972M Wheel Loader with Log Fork - High Line Series

• detailed cab interior, including operator

DIECAST MASTERS855931/50 Scale
Caterpillar CB-2.7 Utility Compactor - High Line Series

• authentic Cat Machine Yellow paint
• authentic...