ERTL470241/32 Scale
Machine Shed with John Deere Tractor, Wagon, and Animals
ERTL456401/50 Scale
John Deere 345G Excavator - Prestige Collection - LP71699
ERTL46482A1/16 Scale
2017 Chevrolet 3500 Dually and Gooseneck Trailer with John Deere Skid Steer - Big Farm Series - LP55403 - Made of...
ERTL456971/16 Scale
John Deere 2700 Mulch Ripper - Big Farm Series - LP70561
ERTL471011/16 Scale
John Deere S690 Combine - Big Farm Series - LP71700

Features Include:
• Both Corn Head and Draper Head

ERTL469901/16 Scale
Peterbilt Truck Hauling a John Deere Skid Loader - Big Farm Series - LP71781
ERTL471731/32 Scale
John Deere Ford Pickup Truck pulling a Gooseneck Trailer and John Deere Gator
John Deere Sandbox Construction Dump Truck
John Deere Sandbox Construction Excavator
ERTL467941/16 Scale
John Deere 9620R Tractor with Optional Front Blade - LP70548
ERTL467971/16 Scale
John Deere RSX860i Gator - LP70549
ERTL467641/16 Scale
John Deere 637 Flex Fold Disk- LP70547
ERTL456881/16 Scale
John Deere 9620RX Tractor - Prestige Collection - LP70537
ERTL456941/32 Scale
John Deere 9620RX Tractor - Prestige Collection - LP70558
ERTL457251/64 Scale
John Deere CP690 Cotton Picker with Pink Bale - LP71419
ERTL456271/32 Scale
John Deere S780 Combine - LP68818
ERTL456991/16 Scale
John Deere 9620R Tractor - Prestige Collection - LP70600
ERTL456681/16 Scale
John Deere 4000 Low Profile Tractor - LP70541
ERTL456761/16 Scale
John Deere 2038R Tractor with Loader - LP70531
ERTL457021/50 Scale
John Deere 544L Wheel Loader - Prestige Collection - LP70650
ERTL456741/32 Scale
John Deere S780 Tracked Combine - LP69915 - Prestige Collection
ERTL457001/64 Scale
John Deere 9620R Tractor - LP70607
ERTL457011/32 Scale
John Deere 9620R Tractor - Prestige Collection - LP70599
ERTL456841/64 Scale
John Deere 7290R Tractor with Two Forage Wagons - LP70546