AMT11691/25 Scale
Peterbilt 378 Long Hauler Semi Tractor Plastic Model Kit
NEW-RAYSS-12333A1/32 Scale
Peterbilt 379 with Peterbilt Graphics
Die-Cast with plastic parts
NEW-RAY88853A1/32 Scale
Nov - Early Dec Arrival
Peterbilt 379 Dump Truck in Blue and Yellow
Radio Remote Control - 27 Mhz
Sound effects
PROMOTEX006533BR1/87 Scale
Peterbilt 367 Boom Truck in Burgundy
All or Mostly Plastic
TONKIN7861411/53 Scale
Peterbilt 579 Sleeper in Yellow with 53' Refrigerated Trailer
TONKIN7861451/53 Scale
Tiger Lines - Peterbilt Day Cab with Double Trailers and Grape Load
TONKIN7861421/53 Scale
Peterbilt 389 Sleeper in Pink and White with Flatbed Trailer
TONKIN7861431/53 Scale
Peterbilt 389 Day Cab Flatbed Truck in Blue and White with Flatbed Trailer
TONKIN7861381/53 Scale
Peterbilt 389 Sleeper in Moss Green and White with 3-Axle XL Lowboy with Jeep
TONKIN7861401/53 Scale
Peterbilt 389 Sleeper in Red, Black, and White with Flatbed Trailer
NEW-RAYSS-143431/32 Scale
Peterbilt 379 Tractor with Spread-Axle Flatbed Trailer, Large Tire Load, and Crane
NEW-RAYSS-10333B1/32 Scale
Peterbilt 389 Sleeper Cab with an Excavator and a Wind Turbine on a Flatbed Trailer - Opening Hood
NEW-RAY12073B-WT1/32 Scale
Peterbilt 379 Truck in White with Pot Belly Livestock Trailer in Chrome

(cab is die-cast metal, balance is high...

NEW-RAY161731/43 Scale
Peterbilt Roll-Off Truck with New Holland Skid Steer and Accessories

NOTE: Truck is 1/43 scale, Skid Steer is...

ERTL469901/16 Scale
Peterbilt Truck Hauling a John Deere Skid Loader - Big Farm Series - LP71781
TONKIN7861291/53 Scale
Peterbilt 389 in Cream, Tan, and Orange with Lowboy Trailer and Jeep
TONKIN7861281/53 Scale
Peterbilt 389 in Two-Tone Green with Lowboy Trailer and Jeep
TONKIN7861271/53 Scale
Peterbilt 389 in Two-Tone Blue with Lowboy Trailer and Jeep
TONKIN7861321/53 Scale
Peterbilt 389 with Sleeper in Blue and Chestnut with Chemical Tanker Trailer
TONKIN7861241/53 Scale
Peterbilt 579 in Dark Red with 53' Refrigerated Trailer
TONKIN7861311/53 Scale
Peterbilt 389 in Red, Black, and Gold with Flatbed Trailer
AMT11331/25 Scale
Peterbilt 359 Wrecker Plastic Model Kit
DCP60-04791/64 Scale
TanTara Transportation Corp. - Peterbilt Model 579 with 72" Mid-Roof Sleeper and 53' Utility Roll Tarp Trailer ...
NEW-RAYSS-15463C1/43 Scale
Peterbilt 387 Truck in Red with Livestock Trailer