KIBRI180511/87 Scale
Mercedes-Benz 1017 and 1017A Military Flatbed Trucks - Plastic Model Kit

This kit contains two vehicles. Both can...

KIBRI135801/87 Scale
Wiesbauer - DAF Box Truck with Lowboy Trailer and Kalmar Forklift - Plastic Model Kit
Difficulty Rating:...
KIBRI130611/87 Scale
Breuer & Wasel - Liebherr LG 1550 Mobile Crane - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI381001/87 Scale
Back Yard Accessory Set - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI381551/87 Scale
May - June Arrival
Recycling Center Accessory Set - Plasic Model Kit
KIBRI386741/87 Scale
Drill Press
KIBRI386761/87 Scale
Horizontal Shaping Machine
KIBRI157091/87 Scale
May - June Arrival
Roll Off Container with Loading Hook and Construction Accessories - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI140261/87 Scale
Mercedes-Benz LAK 2624 with Meiller Tipper Trailer - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI135521/87 Scale
Mercedes-Benz SK Truck with Scheuerle Flat Bed Trailer - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI130511/87 Scale
Roll Off Platform with Crane Ballast Load - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI130571/87 Scale
Breuer & Wasel - Mercedes-Benz Actros Truck with Step Deck Trailer and Breuer & Wasel Container - Plastic Model...
KIBRI130581/87 Scale
Breuer & Wasel - O&K Compound Forklift - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI130591/87 Scale
Breuer & Wasel - Unimog with Loading Crane - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI130271/87 Scale
May - June Arrival
Liebherr Mobile Crane LTM 1050/4 - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI112881/87 Scale
Fuchs 301H Hydrolic Excavator - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI122531/87 Scale
Mercedes-Benz Tractor with Spraying Equipment - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI122541/87 Scale
Mercedes-Benz Logging Tractor - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI130371/87 Scale
Liebherr LTM 1050/4 Mobile Crane with Ballast Trailer - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI140251/87 Scale
Mercedes-Benz LAK 2426 Truck with Meiller Tipper Trailer - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI140531/87 Scale
Mercedes-Benz AK 2636 3-Axle All Terain Truck with Meiller Dump Bed - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI150111/87 Scale
Unimog with Rotary Snow Plow and Plow Blade - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI398321/87 Scale
MIRO Fuel Refinery Storage Tanks - Plastic Model Kit
KIBRI398441/87 Scale
Electrical Transformers - 2 Pieces - Plastic Model Kit