SPEC-CAST526011/64 Scale
2017 Ford F-350 Pickup Truck in Bright Red
SPEC-CAST526031/64 Scale
2017 Ford F-350 Pickup Truck in White
SPEC-CAST526041/64 Scale
2017 Ford F-350 Pickup Truck in Black
SPEC-CASTSCT-6821/16 Scale
Cockshutt 1650 FWA Tractor
SPEC-CASTSCT-6841/16 Scale
Oliver 1650 FWA Tractor
SPEC-CASTZJD-18121/16 Scale
International 504 Narrow-Front Tractor with 4-Row Cultivator
SPEC-CASTSCT-6851/64 Scale
Cockshutt 1955 Wide-Front Tractor
SPEC-CAST337011/64 Scale
Peterbilt 579 Sleeper Cab and 53' Trailer in Blank White with Single Rear Door
SPEC-CAST525811/25 Scale
Ford F-250 Pickup Truck with Service Body in White
SPEC-CASTSCT-6551/16 Scale
Oliver 1650 Wide-Front Diesel Tractor with Radio
SPEC-CASTSCT-6801/64 Scale
Oliver 1955 Wide-Front Tractor
SPEC-CASTSCT-6811/64 Scale
Minneapolis-Moline G940 Wide-Front Tractor
SPEC-CASTZJD-18181/16 Scale
Farmall 400 Tractor with Cultivator
SPEC-CASTZJD-18041/16 Scale
Jan - Feb Arrival
International 340 Wide Front Tractor with 251 Planter


SPEC-CASTSCT-6451/64 Scale
Challenger MT685E Tractor with Duals in Pink
SPEC-CAST641291/25 Scale
Minneapolis-Moline - 1940 Ford Pickup Truck
SPEC-CAST641311/25 Scale
Gleaner - 1940 Ford Pickup Truck
SPEC-CASTSCT-6771/64 Scale
Oliver 1955 Power Assist Tractor with Duals
SPEC-CASTSCT-6781/64 Scale
Minneapolis-Moline G900 Power Assist Tractor
SPEC-CASTSCT-6791/64 Scale
Minneapolis-Moline G900 Wide-Front Tractor
SPEC-CASTZJD-18161/16 Scale
Farmall Cub Tractor with Cultivator
SPEC-CASTZJD-18171/64 Scale
Case IH Maxxum - Volvo 770 Truck
SPEC-CASTSCT-6471/64 Scale
Challenger MT685E Tractor with Canadian Flag Graphics
SPEC-CASTSCT-6531/64 Scale
Challenger MT865E Tracked Tractor with Camouflage Color Scheme