WIKING0532031/87 Scale
Transportbeton GmbH - Mercedes-Benz L 6600 Concrete Mixer
high quality plastic
WIKING0651091/87 Scale
THW - Hanomag B11 Wheel Loader
high quality plastic
WIKING0657381/87 Scale
Municipal - Hako Citymaster 300 Sweeper
high quality plastic
WIKING0673081/87 Scale
Bölling - Magirus Deutz High-Side Tipper
high quality plastic
WIKING0102031/87 Scale
Land Rover Defender 110 in Silver Metallic
high quality plastic
WIKING0206021/87 Scale
Alfa Spider in White
high quality plastic
WIKING0226051/87 Scale
Austin 7 in Red
high quality plastic
WIKING0314021/87 Scale
Municipal - Volkswagen T2 Crew Cab Pickup
high quality plastic
WIKING0335031/87 Scale
Deutsche Post - Tempo Matador Box Van
high quality plastic
WIKING0352011/87 Scale
Opel Blitz Flatbed Truck in Pastel Blue
high quality plastic
WIKING0426021/87 Scale
Nov - Early Dec Arrival
Migros - Magirus Sirius Flatbed Truck
high quality plastic
WIKING0426031/87 Scale
Klöckner - Magirus Sirius Flatbed Truck with Loading Crane
high quality plastic
WIKING0432011/87 Scale
Deuka - Mercedes-Benz 1620 Flatbed Road Train
high quality plastic
WIKING0492021/87 Scale
Rosenkranz - Heavy Duty Truck with Trailer
high quality plastic
WIKING0500481/87 Scale
Adam Kroth - Mercedes-Benz Moving Box Truck with Trailer
WIKING0488031/87 Scale
Eisen- und Stahlhandel A.G. - MAN Truck with Flatbed Trailer
WIKING0227071/87 Scale
Mercedes-Benz E-Class S213 AMG in Black
WIKING0227101/87 Scale
Polizei - Mercedes-Benz E-Class S213 Police Car
WIKING0071481/87 Scale
Telecom Service - 1960 Opel Rekord Caravan
"Deutsche Bundespost"
WIKING0669021/87 Scale
Neuson TD15 Track Dumper in Zinc Yellow
WIKING0670491/87 Scale
Bruns - Henschel HS 3-180 Dump Truck
WIKING0653051/87 Scale
Kramer 280 Wheel Loader
WIKING0788121/87 Scale
Fire Brigade - Volkswagen T1 (Type 2) Bus
WIKING0788131/87 Scale
Gasolin - Volkswagen T1 (Type 2) Van