WIKING0962391/160 Scale
July - Aug Arrival
Fire Brigade - Magirus DL 25 H Ladder Truck
WIKING0871041/87 Scale
May - June Arrival
Eicher King Tiger Tractor with Front Loader in Light Blue
WIKING0887031/87 Scale
Blumhardt Manure Spreader in Turquoise and Red
WIKING0675051/87 Scale
Municipal Service - MAN TGL Euro 6 Flatbed Truck with Loading Crane
WIKING0788141/87 Scale
May - June Arrival
Bluna - Volkswagen T1 Type 2 Kastenwagen

The Opel Blitz beverage truck already presented is now given a...

WIKING0789061/87 Scale
Bölling - Volkswagen T1 Double Cabin in Daffodil Yellow
WIKING0793041/87 Scale
Opel Rekord D in Orange
WIKING0797261/87 Scale
May - June Arrival
Mark Sauerland - Volkswagen T1 Sambabus
WIKING0809141/87 Scale
Citroen 2 CV in Agate Gray
WIKING0835051/87 Scale
May - June Arrival
Mercedes-Benz 540 K Cabrio in Pine Green and Yellow Green
WIKING0866331/87 Scale
May - June Arrival
MAN Dump Truck in Water Blue
WIKING0018231/87 Scale
Accessory Pack - Building Materials III
WIKING0071471/87 Scale
May - June Arrival
DB - 1960 Opel Rekord Caravan
WIKING0100051/87 Scale
PTT - 1988 Land Rover Post Office Vehicle with Trailer
WIKING0314031/87 Scale
Volkswagen Kundenienst - Volkswagen T2 Double Cab
WIKING0361631/87 Scale
Fendt 942 Vario Tractor
WIKING0368041/87 Scale
Fire Department - Unimog U 401 "Watch Dog"
WIKING0565031/87 Scale
Mercedes Benz 1620 Livestock Truck in Moss Green with Livestock Trailer
WIKING0517021/87 Scale
M.A.T. - Scania 111 Flatbed Tractor Trailer

In the 1970s, the Scania 111er was used as a cross-border...

WIKING0554021/87 Scale
Rheinkraft-Spedition - Mercedes-Benz 3850 Stanchion Tractor Trailer

The stake semitrailer was...

WIKING0590031/87 Scale
DB - Mercedes-Benz L 3500 Culemeyer Wagon-Carrying Road Train

A team can hardly look more contemporary. Thanks to...

WIKING0388181/87 Scale
Agricultural 3-Axle Trailer in Red

Brantner-Fahrzeugbau, which...

WIKING0396031/87 Scale
May - June Arrival
Fendt 1270S Square Baler

It is now a question of philosophy whether agricultural companies press and store...

WIKING0397011/87 Scale
June - July Arrival
International (IHC) 1455 XL Tractor

Another legendary classic that has earned the 1:87 WIKING monument. The IHC...