WIKING0095451/87 Scale
Police - MZB 72 Multi-Purpose Boat (Lehmar) ...
WIKING0388181/87 Scale
Agricultural 3-Axle Trailer in Red

Brantner-Fahrzeugbau, which...

WIKING0396031/87 Scale
Fendt 1270S Square Baler

It is now a question of philosophy whether agricultural companies press and store...

WIKING0397011/87 Scale
Mar - Apr Arrival
International (IHC) 1455 XL Tractor

Another legendary classic that has earned the 1:87 WIKING monument. The IHC...

WIKING0473011/87 Scale
Mar - Apr Arrival
Spedition Gustav Mäuler - MAN Flatbed Road Train

Gustav Mäuler's forwarding yard grows...

WIKING0476011/87 Scale
Bussing 4500 Flatbed Truck in Blue and Orange

The traditional model makers are aware of the...

WIKING0517021/87 Scale
M.A.T. - Scania 111 Flatbed Tractor Trailer

In the 1970s, the Scania 111er was used as a cross-border...

WIKING0554021/87 Scale
Rheinkraft-Spedition - Mercedes-Benz 3850 Stanchion Tractor Trailer

The stake semitrailer was...

WIKING0590031/87 Scale
DB - Mercedes-Benz L 3500 Culemeyer Wagon-Carrying Road Train

A team can hardly look more contemporary. Thanks to...

WIKING0677041/87 Scale
Bölling - Krupp 806 Rear-Tipper Truck

At WIKING, the narcissus-yellow vehicle series has become a popular...

WIKING0923031/160 Scale
Mar - Apr Arrival
Land Rover in Beige

With 160-fold miniaturization and a folding roof, it looks more contemporary than ever. We...

WIKING0990961/87 Scale
Louis Lucien Lepoix 5-Piece Commerative Set

Includes the following models:
• Henschel HS 14/16...

WIKING0972041/160 Scale
Unimog U 411 in Moss Green

high quality plastic

WIKING0363411/87 Scale
Leonhard Weiss - Claas Arion 640 Tractor

high quality plastic

WIKING0265041/87 Scale
Dr. Oetker - Mercedes-Benz L 319 Box Van

high quality plastic

WIKING0183061/87 Scale
Feb - Mar Arrival
BMW 2002 in Silver Metallic

high quality plastic

WIKING0388171/87 Scale
Feb - Mar Arrival
Leonhard Weiss - Krampe Halfpipe Tipper Trailer

high quality plastic

WIKING0434021/87 Scale
WIKING0792071/87 Scale
Porsche 914 in Light Blue

high quality plastic

WIKING0634061/87 Scale
MAN Service - MAN Tow Truck

high quality plastic

WIKING0554011/87 Scale
Feb - Mar Arrival
Rosenkranz - MAN Tractor with Flatbed Trailer

high quality plastic

WIKING0528481/87 Scale
La Croix - Saviem Tractor with Reefer Trailer

high quality plastic

WIKING0797251/87 Scale
Volkswagen T1 Bus with Flower Power Graphics

high quality plastic

WIKING0834081/87 Scale
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster Convertible in Orange

high quality plastic