HERPA7007401/87 Scale
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Swiss Military Box Van
High Quality Plastic
HOBBY MASTERHG49161/72 Scale
M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage - US Army, European Theatre

FORCES OF VALORFV-861010A1/700 Scale
LiaoNing Aircraft Carrier - Hong Kong 2017
HERPA7465641/87 Scale
Panzer Self-Propelled Artillery - Egypt
FORCES OF VALOR801024A1/32 Scale
Sd.Kfz 186 Jagdtiger - sPzJgAbt 653, Germany, 1945
FORCES OF VALORFV-801007A1/32 Scale
Sd.Kfz 173 Jagdpanther - sPzAbt 501, 654 - Normandy, 1944
HOBBY MASTERHG52091/72 Scale
A34 Comet - 10th Hussars, 2nd Infantry Division - West Germany, 1950
Johnny Lightning Military "Wheeled Warriors" 2019 Release 2A - 6-Piece Case
Johnny Lightning Military "Wheeled Warriors" 2019 Release 2B - 6-Piece Case
HERPA7404701/87 Scale
Leopard 1A3-A4 275 German Tank
HERPA7007021/87 Scale
Armed Forces - Volkswagen T6 Bus

high quality plastic

FORCES OF VALOR801008A1/32 Scale
FlaK 36 with sd.202 Tow Vehicle - Stalingrad, 1942
FORCES OF VALOR801013A1/32 Scale
T-34/85 - Soviet Army 55th Guard's Brigade, 7th Guard Corps, Berlin
FORCES OF VALOR801013B1/32 Scale
T-34/85 - Soviet Army 95th Tank Brigade, 9th Tank Corps, Berlin
HERPA7465951/87 Scale
Armed Forces - ATF Dingo 2 Armored Vehicle

high quality plastic

HOBBY MASTERHG38121/72 Scale
M8 Light Armored Car - Ardennes Forest, December 1944
HERPA7006961/87 Scale
Armed Forces - Mercedes Sprinter Van

high quality plastic

FORCES OF VALORFV-801036A1/32 Scale
Sherman Firefly Vc. - 8th Armored Brigade, 24th Lancers, 13/18th Hussars, Normandy 1944
FORCES OF VALORFV-821004E1/72 Scale
CH-47D Chinook - Republic of Korea Army
CORGIAA381091/48 Scale
Sopwith F.1 Camel B6401 No.3 Squadron RNAS - Northern France, 1918

Canadian ace Lloyd Samuel Breadner can surely...

HERPA7465191/87 Scale
Iveco Trakkar 6x6 Roll-Off Truck with Container - German Army
HERPA7465261/87 Scale
Iveco Trakkar Flatbed Roll-Off Truck - German Army
HOBBY MASTERHSP10031/700 Scale
Oct - Nov Arrival
USS Princeton - Ticonderoga-Class Guided Missile Cruiser
FORCES OF VALORFV-801008B1/32 Scale
Flak 36 88mm Anti-Tank Gun with sd. 202 Tow Vehicle - Battle of EL Alamein, North Africa, June 1942